From Our Pastors

Les & Nikki Cody

From the moment we heard the Lord speak to us to start a church here in Waco, we felt God was asking if we’d trust Him with “the faith to take one step.”

It’s already been an incredible, faith-filled journey that didn’t look anything like what we expected. We’ve never planted a church before and we are far from having it all figured out, but one thing we know for sure: God wants to pour out His spirit here in Waco, TX and we are so honored to be a part of it!

As worship pastors for the past 15 plus years, my wife and I have learned to love and seek the presence of God. Our heart is to see a church where dead things come to life again. Where marriages are restored, families are put back together, addictions are broken, bodies are healed, and people are set free through the power of the Holy Spirit. One moment in His presence changes everything! We’re honored to join in with what God has done and is doing through so many churches and ministries in Waco.

As I’ve prayed over our city the past several months, I felt the cries of people who are seeking revival. People that have been crying out for redemption of those that feel forgotten and left behind. Redemption of the purpose and destiny of every member of our community. For weeks our team has been praying for certain key people to come alongside us before we took the next steps, but during one of those prayer times I felt the Lord impress on my heart, “stop waiting for them, they’re waiting for you.”

So here it goes: if you feel a tug at your spirit, something inside you that you can’t quite explain feels “stirred up”, we want to hear from you. I promise we won’t be pushy and we won’t ask you for anything. We just want to hear your story and pray with you about what, if any, involvement God may have for you in Legacy Church.

Even though we probably don’t know you, we’ve been praying for you, we’ve been believing God for His best for you, and we love you!

Les & Nikki Cody

Grace without truth is compromise. Truth without grace is mean.
— Pastor Chris Hodges