Creative Request Form

Please fill out the following form in its entirety — more detailed, the better. For time-sensitive requests, please also reach out to a Creative Team member directly (via text).

Requestor Name *
Requestor Name
Requestor Phone *
Requestor Phone
i.e. flyer, sign, t-shirt, etc.
Due Date *
Due Date
Latest date the final product needs to be in hand. Please note timelines vary per type of request.
Is it a reoccurring event or one-time event? Who is your target audience (if not the broader group)?
Include dates, times, locations, communication info (i.e. phone numbers, social media), colors, fonts, additional info (i.e. bring a dish!), etc.
Include links of inspirations (if available)
Suggested vendors: GotPrint, Banner Buzz, SmartPress, Packlane. Please include the link of the specific product desired.

Requestor/Creative Team Duties

Creative Team

- Solidifying a workflow, reviewing their the project queue regularly, and prioritizing accordingly

- Working on projects according to the request form and timely communication w/ the requestor (issues, suggestions, etc.)

- Confirming who will place the order on the end product (flyer, t-shirt, etc.)

- Escalation point should requestor run into issues w/ ordering the end product



- Submitting a request form timely 

- Getting financial approval for their project

- Researching and comparing vendors for their end product (i.e. Hole In The Roof)

- Communicating directly w/ the Creative Team timely including answering questions and following up

- Monitoring the status of their end product once ordered